Legal Use of Computers

As all businesses around the globe use computers many jurisdictions have brought in their own laws, acts and legislation to ensure that such devices are used in a legal way, and as business owner one has to ensure that in regards to the way in which they are used, dependent on where your company is based, they are not misused or fall foul of these laws.

In Great Britain for example in 1990 the Computer Misuse Act was enacted and this was one of the very first bits of government legislations brought out anywhere in the world and covers many different legal aspects of using a computer or network of computers lawfully.

The aim of this legislation was to keep information stored upon them safe and secure, whilst at the same time demanding that no one other than the company using a computer could alter or gain access to all information stored upon it.

Obviously being enacted in 1990 this law did at the time cover several aspects of computer usage in those early days, however as they have become more and more advanced it was soon quickly discovered that additional laws need to be brought out or included in the day to day usage of computers.

A more recently enacted piece of government legislation was in regards to India’s Technology Act, this was brought in during the year 2000, and covered the use of computers through India as a whole, however also included in it was provisions to cover any misuse of business or personal computers outside of India.

This is a much more in-depth piece of government legislation and not only covers computers but also computer systems or networks based in India, the aim of this legislation was to keep secure all business networks and bring to book, or at least have a legal way of prosecuting anyone found to have infiltrated such a system.

However once again this piece of legislation did not cover many of the additional ways which have been discovered of misusing such a computer system or network and many legal challenges have been brought about and suggested to ensure it is reviewed and updated as and when necessary.

As time has progressed many countries as well as individual US States have brought in legislation related to Information Technology and have made law such legislation, some examples of these include the Florida Electronic Security Act which is one of the better examples and as such covers a whole array of requirements.

Both Illinois and Texas have their own unique pieces of law and legislations with the former having their Electronic Commerce Security Act which is used and acted on when any form of computer related offence has been committed whilst the latter has a Computer Crimes Statute to cover any such eventuality.

Singapore and Malaysia have false brought out their own Acts to cover the day to day use of computers and the formers is the Electronic Transactions Act and the latter named countries laws and legal requirements are fully covered in the Computer Crimes Act.

Some countries have also sought to ban and block material which can be accessed on computers based in their respective countries, this is best known as Internet Censorship and as such there are several countries that deem this necessary for their own unique reasons.

Countries which have successfully blocked content to their citizens are the Peoples Republic of China, Iran and Saudi Arabia to name a few, however this is a constant battle as there are always new ways for their citizens to try and occasionally successfully circumvent this ban on accessing certain parts of the internet.

However when living in such a country one has to following and adheres to the laws of the land and as such anyone found access material online which is deemed inappropriate faces stiff and often very harsh legal proceeding when found guilty and convicted of such a breach of the laws.

As a business owner with offices in different parts of the world it is therefore vitally important that you ensure you know the individual laws in each and every country you are operating from, and whilst this can be tiresome and time consuming it will add extras levels of protection to your computers, computer systems and networks.

Ignorance is never an option in regards to any Information Technology related aspect and as such you are strongly recommended to ensure you know the ins and outs of the laws and government legalization in regards to where your company is based.