European eSafety Legislation

When you first come across the word eSafety you may immediately think it is some new and fan dangled law regarding computers or IT, however it is nothing of the sort, it is in fact a new piece of European legislation which encompasses road safety and Eco driving solutions for both businesses and consumers.

This is a very important piece of legislation as many business in particular have employees who have access to a company vehicle, and when one takes a few moments to study the road accident statistics in recent years they do make very grim reading, and this was a very major factor to why this piece of legislation was brought in place.
Back in 2009 across Europe a shocking 35,000 people where killed on the roads, and a huge one and a half million people were involved in accidents and injured during that year. This needed addressing and addressing urgently and as such the eSafety legislation was brought into existence.
Another purpose of this piece of legislation was in regards to the astronomical amount of energy used in road transport, figures released show that a huge one quarter of Europes entire energy consumption is used powering vehicles, and as such some huge savings in both money and in regards to CO2 emissions could be made with a robust and acted upon piece of legislation such as this eSafety one.

Publishing how a company or business can benefit from embracing new technology in regards to their company vehicles is one important part of this legislation, whilst actively promoting the use of cleaner fuel sources and Eco type vehicles will ensure that not only can business reduce their carbon footprints but can, over the long term, make some dramatic savings in the cost of their company provided vehicles.
Whilst green vehicles which include those using either battery or a mix of better and fossil fuels to power them are currently more expensive than completely fossil fuel vehicles, many tax breaks can be found when using such a vehicle for business uses, whilst this is solely dependent of which part of Europe your business is situated, over time a standard set of policies and taxes are hoped to be put into place.
Petrol and Service Stations are also playing an important part as are local councils, as more and more electric cars and vehicles are being produced then more and more charge up points need to become live. In areas such as London for example in the UK we are seeking more and more places where owners of such vehicles can charge up their electric vehicles, in a cost effective way.

Better fuel efficient vehicles are also becoming more readily available and by promoting these vehicles then some very large saving can be made by any business who has a fleet of vehicles out on the road each day of the week, not only that but simple things such a better tyres on vehicles can, over the long term operation of any business vehicles increase the fuel efficiency of that vehicles.
Road safety is one aspect of everyday life which should never be taken for granted, the facts and figures mentioned above do make for very sober reading, and this is one aspect of business life which should never be taken for granted.

Educating your staff not only on the correct procedures in regards to any goods they may be transporting but also ensuring they fully understand the many different traffic laws of the countries they may be visiting with their cargo is paramount to ensure they have an incident free journey.
It is no longer the case that a truck driving can simply jump into his vehicle and drive to any country in the world, there are a lot of different regional laws in place in some countries and they need to be kept fully upto date which each of these rules of the road depending on which countries they may be visiting.
Such countries as France for example require drivers to carry around a Breathalyzer kit, and in Spain drivers are required by law to have high visibility jackets and a red triangle which is to be placed on the road should their vehicle get into difficulty or breakdown at the side of the road, and this is where eSafety legislation comes in.